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Supplying safe and reliable CBD products to ensure an honest experience for all.

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Experience the benefits of Life Colours CBD Oil.

Our CBD is high quality with every order receiving a copy of the lab report, below is one of our favourite quotes, yes you can buy cheaper and yes it may work but in an unregulated sector why risk it?
“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey. It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money — that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot — it can’t be done."
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CBD Experts in Sussex - Who Are We?

Read all about us.

Well, Life Colours CBD became a reality in 2020 and is run by Dean and Kimberley together, who live on the South Coast of England in Sussex.

Although we are new to the digital world of selling CBD, this was not an off the cuff business choice, but, was in fact a decision two years in the making.

We came across CBD oil in 2018 when a relative, who suffers from arthritis, had mentioned trying it with impressive results.

This was the spark that started our journey for gaining more knowledge, and, after relentless research, with thousands of questions and even more remarkable answers, led us to seriously consider helping others and in the process creating a successful business that we could be proud of.

Everywhere we looked, CBD seemed to be leaving its mark, from having seen a friends child’s skin condition improve, to others being able to move away from using medical prescriptions, we looked, we checked, we found that it was almost impossible to find negative reviews, we were totally convinced.

BUT, for all the positivity, there was one massive glaring negative, CBD is part of the cannabis plant family and is currently somewhat unregulated, it is sold in the UK as a novel food, and a lot of companies see it as a way to make money by taking advantage of false claims and substandard products.


So, what could we possibly do to make buying CBD a more reliable, safe and honest experience?

Well, we researched suppliers, having numerous conversations, asking every possible question, to guarantee that we would be sourcing, not only the highest quality product, but also ensuring it would be fully traceable from seed to fully packaged product, therefore making sure that every item can be checked through batch codes, so even lab reports can be seen.

We have made sure that our suppliers are not only fully compliant, but also that their passion for CBD far exceeds their desire to make money.

Over the last two years, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge, through talking to medical professionals, producers, suppliers and beneficiaries, we didn’t want to stop there, because as they say knowledge is power!

So, we enrolled in a Diploma course for CBD and medicinal marijuana. The more we know, the more transparent we can be.

Even some of the most reputable companies selling CBD have fuzzy areas which are not clear, or use loopholes to intentionally mislead customers and this is NOT how we want to operate.


Finally, the Cannabis Leaf!

Through all of our guidance, we have regularly been advised to not use the Cannabis leaf picture for fear of putting people off, with its association to illegal drugs.

We have taken the decision to go against this advice, with it clearly showing on our Webpage, as we feel this reinforces our claims of transparency and also highlights the importance of education, rather than misinformation.  

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