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My back pain which is great and my period pain wasn’t as bad as usual so it’s a definite improvement. Something happened that would usually tip me over the edge at work too but it didn’t seem to bother me really

I used to get anxiety on the way to work as I am running a job, it’s taken the edge off that so I stayed a lot calmer, it’s ended up in my daily routine with my multi-vitamins

The capsules- I’am sleeping a lot better and taking less painkillers also my breathing has been improving slowly so they are most definitely doing what I needed them to do.

After 35 years of taking NSAID meds along with amitriptyline, codeine phosphate and surgical intervention on two hips and shoulder, I know after a nervously taking CBD oil from life colours only swallow two codeine phosphate at night I have very little pain. I sleep, I get up for work as soon as my alarm goes off, I feel like the real me again. I never thought I would say this but the oil has made the biggest difference to me, not just relieving so much pain and miserable days, I have gained confidence and quite like myself again as I have seem to found who I have lost. The the life colours company and their CBD oil a massive thank you

The cream has really helped my arm

I started the 10% oil during  lock down after feeling worried about taking it and I am so very glad I did, I have asthma and when I go to bed my chest has alway felt tight I was surprised how after taking the oil my chest didn’t feel like that anymore, I also have problems with sleep and cramp in my legs/feet and my muscles in my legs, I could feel some relieve but not completely so mentioned it to the life colours team they offered me a good price on a 20% oil and some cream as the 10% hadn’t helped my cramp as much as I had hoped. I took the 20% that evening before bed and it had worked I expected it to come back but after a week of using it still no cramp in my feet/legs and no waking at night, I am so shocked with how a little oil makes my body feel

I can’t thank you enough for the oil I have gotten so much more done

My partner is loving the oil he feels better already and only 3 days in.

I have been taking life colour CBD capsules for my hay fever it seems to be working as I am less snotty and not as sleepy either from taking them like I usually am with hay fever tablets

I have started to use the CBD calming cream before bed as part of my meditation routine love it-it’s calming my nervous system

Me and my wife have a hectic lifestyle with work and 3 boys and suffer a bit from anxiety more from my beautiful wife and the stress of running my own business so thought we would give CBD oil a try and honestly it’s been brilliant,it chills us out in the evening and we do it in the morning to focus us for the day ahead. Was going to do the review a week ago but wanted to give it a proper go first to see the benefits properly over a period of time and we are not disappointed. Would highly recommend.

So I started CBD oil 4 days ago I was very optimistic and heard good things about the product so I thought I would give it a try and wow I can’t believe bit works for aches and pains. I’am a plasterer by trade and have arm ache shoulder aches and back ache sometimes I struggle to get out of bed in the morning cos my body feels like quitting but now on day 4 and I feel like a new man I didn’t realise it would work and especially that quickly it’s a real game changer for me. Also I stress a lot about life and busy work schedules sometimes I really struggle to sleep at night but the last 4 nights I have slept so good I’m amazed how good this stuff really is thank you Kim and Dean I will definitely  be carrying on purchasing this product.

I’ve suffered with my anxiety for many years and tried many CBD oils and this is one of my favourites, takes the edge off and stops my mind from wandering enabling me to get on with things I’ve been struggling with, couldn’t imagine my life without CBD now and coming from someone who is “anti-drug” I was really worried I was going to get high but it does nothing of  the sort, I wish I had tried CBD years ago.

My partner decided to try the CBD Oil for his general health, reoccurring gut issues and hay fever. Over the last three weeks he has felt the difference, feels more energised, more focused, sleeping better and is much more motivated. He will continue to purchase - highly recommended!  

We have also purchased some for his father recently and have recommended to other family members too.

Started using the cream myself for crepitus in the knees, Didn't even know you could use this on bites/stings but it works a treat. Reduced Irritation almost immediately.  Will definitely be purchasing more. thank you x 😃

Started taking cbd oil for pain and migraines wow what a difference it has made. Even help my migraines.
Highly recommend. Fab service. Fast delivery. I am in so much pain in the mornings take my oil and within a short time i can feel the difference. Thank-you so much. Will return and send anyone who requires a little help from cbd your way. Many thanks.